related organisations

      Delft Health Experience group (HEX). This multi disciplinary research group is currently involved in a number of initiatives on the national level in the Netherlands with local municipalities and health providers. The HEX group is part of the TU Delft's Interactive Intelligence research group.
      Delft Research Initiative (DRI) Health. Health is one of today's major social issues. That's why TU Delft pays extra attention to developing solutions in this domain. Medical technology is the driving force behind innovations in patient-centred healthcare. It requires a close interaction between developers, end-users in the medical world and industry.
      Medical Delta. A consortium of life sciences and medical technology partners situated in the west of the Netherlands.
      Interactive Intelligence group. This research group aims to create synergy between humans and technology. In particular, it strives to create teams of humans and technology that, through mutual awareness and joint effort, deliver optimal performance and quality of experience.