Lessons learned from the development of technological support for PTSD prevention: a review

This review describes the state-of-the-art technologies that support mental resilience training for PTSD prevention. It characterizes four current systems across training approaches; seeks insights via interviews with the system developers; and extracts from these a set of essential guidelines for future developers. The guidelines include four distinct project-limiting factors, which were found to constrain the reviewed developments. These were Culture, Effectiveness, Engineering, and Resource constraints. This research is novel in reviewing technologies for PTSD prevention as opposed to treatment, and in analyzing from the perspective of system development and design issues.

Vakili, V., Brinkman W. - P., & Neerincx M. A.(2012). Lessons Learned from the Development of Technological Support for PTSD Prevention: A Review. Studies in Health Technology and Informatics, 181, 22-26. pdf